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We work towards:

  • A more equitable distribution of power and wealth throughout society
  • The furthering of individuals’ control over the institutions that affect their lives
  • The development of groups organised by and for people affected by inequalities in society
  • A society free from racism, sexism, ageism, economic exploitation and discrimination based on disability or sexuality.
  • We are committed to exploring non-oppressive, participatory structures within people’s movements.
  • We are responsible to COSHG member groups and the wider movements which work for justice for low income and other oppressed peoples.

COSHG Objectives

1. To work to develop the Self Help movement.

2. To promote individuals’ rights, including:

  • The right of Self Help Groups to work for control over the institutions and policies affecting their lives
  • The rights of recipients of services to information about these services, and full participation in their planning and control.

3. To develop and encourage mutual support and exchange of ideas, skills, information and experience between member groups:

3.1. To provide opportunities to develop and share skills, both analytical and practical, financial, political

3.2. To produce and share information

3.3. To link individuals and groups with the appropriate groups and organisations to meet their needs

3.4. To support the development of collective action between Self Help Groups and other individuals and organisations committed to Self Help issues.

4. To be a resource and backup for Self Help Groups:

4.1. To provide a base from which Self Help Groups can hold discussions, make claims and negotiate terms with governments and other institutions whose policies affect the lives of their members;

4.2. To support and encourage new and emerging groups as they form, and assist them to meet their evolving needs

4.3. To work towards the survival of Self Help Groups by ensuring their knowledge about and access to both funding sources and practical resources.

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