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Conflict Resolution

Are there problems in your group?

Hassles mean that things are happening. From experience, you'll find that hassles will occur in you group. But having hassles often means you're sorting things out as a group. Most groups go through a series of ups and downs. That's normal. If you turn your problem around from a negative to a positive, the perceived problem can become an invaluable learning experience.

There are all types of personalities that enrich our lives. The way to handle differences is to understand them and to accept that people do make mistakes."

From "Not Another Self Help Book"

COSHG has a collection of printed information on ways to get groups running well and ways to deal with conflict when it happens. Give us a call if you're interested in this information.

One place that can be helpful is the Dispute Settlement Centre Level 13, 235 Queen Street Melbourne. Phone 9603 8370 Free Call: 1800 658 528 (country callers)

Books and videos on conflict resolution available from the Conflict Resolution Network (NSW)

The CAE has some courses on mediation

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