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For people involved in keeping a group going, here is a list of new and updated funding resources to add to the information in our book 'In The Same Boat'. Also COSHG publishes details of grants available in Collective Notes, our monthly newsletter.



There’s a useful new website which lists Federal Government Grants and you can search by topic, name of grant, etc. It’s at

Victorian Self Help Grants

Victorian Government, DHS annual grants for Health Self Help Groups & Disability Self Help Groups

The Australia Council (arts) -

VicHealth - (9667 1333) "pioneers innovative health promotion strategies using a percentage of the tobacco tax to fund programs, research and sponsorship." They have different sorts of grant at different times, so it may or may not be relevant. Info is on their web site

Vic Health Community Arts Participation Scheme

The Community Arts Participation Scheme has an emphasis on supporting projects that achieve participation in creative activity for those who have restricted access as a result of geographic, social or economic factors and that facilitate community development. Grants of up to $25,000 per year are available to organisations to conduct community arts projects. Consideration will be given to projects that extend over two years for funding of up to $50,000. For guidelines and further information contact Vic Health on 9667 1333.

Victorian Multicultural Commission
- site has information on funding available through local Government and state government departments.

Consumer Medicine – Community Grants - Phone 02 6289 8373 for information or application form.


Philanthropy Australia - produces a directory of trusts and has a Resource Centre (Membership $500) and Grant Seeker Workshops ($250) The book, The Australian Directory of Philanthropy has listings and information about philanthropic trusts throughout Australia. It is also available at libraries

Level 2, 55 Collins St Ph 9662 9299 Fax 9662 2655,

Some philanthropic trusts:

Our Community - is an organization that you can subscribe to and get lots of information about grants. If you are a COSHG member we have this information for you to use.

National Bank CommunityLink Awards - These are about volunteering rather than self help, but may be worth asking about at a National Bank or call 1800 807 121.

The Australia Council (Arts) -

Victorian Multicultural Commission - Their web site has information on funding available through local Government and state government departments.

Victorian Women’s Trust - 9642 0422,,

Ways of Raising Money

Fund-raising Appeals Act - Victoria
If your Association intends to conduct a public fund-raising appeal (such as door knock, telemarketing, traffic intersection collection) you have to put in a "Notice of Intention to Conduct a Fundraising Appeal" to Consumer & Business Affairs Victoria at least 28 days before the appeal commences. The form can be obtained from Consumer Affairs Victoria.

There is no requirement to notify the office if you only propose to raise money for the group by internal fundraising. For example, BBQs, sausage sizzles, chocolate and lamington drives and the like, which are run in-house to raise funds from their own members and their relatives and acquaintances.

Raffles are administered by the Casino and Gaming Authority, not Consumer Affairs Victoria.

An information brochure regarding the Fundraising Appeals Act 1998 is available from Consumer Affairs Victoria, 2/452 Flinders Street, Melb. Enquiries regarding Fundraising Appeals Act ring 1800 177 905.

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