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LETS Trading Days at Brunswick

LETS (Local Exchange & Trading Systems) is a way that people can trade goods and services without using money. There are about 21 LETS groups in Victoria.
COSHG belongs to Moreland LETS, which holds a monthly trading day. The trading days are normally held at CERES environment park at Lee Street, East Brunswick. LETS now has an office in the train (a nice old style red train carriage). You will see the LETS signs on the end of the train nearest to the front gate.

It’s a good opportunity to find out about LETS and also have a look around CERES. Admission to CERES is free and you can stroll around the farm and see lots of interesting environment stuff, bring a picnic or buy things at the cafe. Phone: 9388 1999 (Tue) or view information at Moreland LETS.

What is LETS ?

LETS stands for Local Exchange and Trading System - a non-profit organisation, run by members of the local community for the benefit of the whole community. LETS groups puts out a directory in which members can offer or request skills, services or goods - trading for LETS units on a non-cash basis.

What can LETS do for you ?

LETS is based on the belief that everyone has valuable skills and services to offer their community, and that the true wealth of an area lies in its people, not the money which flows in and out of their lives. LETS is a unique system which enables its members to trade goods or services without any money changing hands. LETS points always circulate within our local area, unlike the money we spend.

So, how does it work ?

After paying a membership fee to cover administrative costs, members can start trading straight away. A LETS account is similar to a cheque account and members will have their accounts credited or debited as they buy or sell goods or trade services with other members.

No interest is charged. A member whose account is in debit simply has a commitment to exchange their skills or services with another member at a suitable time.... to reduce debit, to trade and so keep the system flowing.

More info-

Look at for more information and also Community Exchange System as many LETSystems now use this.

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