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Self Help Clearing Houses

International and Inter-state Self Help Centres & Contacts





New South Wales

Self Help Information Network - ASHOG (No longer exists)



Self Help Queensland -



Collective of Self Help Groups


Western Australia

Connectgroups (formerly WISH)




SelfHelp Resource Centre This site has good information on different kinds of groups, starting a group, etc.


Israel Self Help Centre


Tomofumi Oka



Self Help Nottingham



American Self Help Clearing House
Includes contacts for self help centres in many countries

American Self-Help Clearing House, New Jersey


Self Help International Forums

COSHG received the book of reports from the Fifth International Experts conference in Jerusalem in 1999. It has a fascinating collection of articles about self help in different places, including Victoria. Topics range from self help in Israel among immigrants from Africa and the Former Soviet Union to cancer support groups in Hong Kong. It's interesting to see the similar issues and the differences in the way self help groups develop in different cultures. One of the reports was from East Jerusalem.

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