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Self Help Workers

In 2001, we set up a group for people who resource groups, help new groups get started and provide a contact point for groups. 
Workers appreciated the opportunity to get together with others who have a similar role.

Some of the things we discussed:-
- Relationships between umbrella or peak organisations and local affiliated groups or branches. We made a collection of Guidelines produced by several organisations.        
- GST, tax deductibility, privacy legislation
- Workshops - how to promote them
- Contact with rural groups

Meetings are held a couple of times a year. If you are interested please contact us.

We also have an email group -

Go to Yahoo groups/clubs and then go to selfhelpworkers

The COSHG self-help workers group facilitates:

  • Sharing of information, resources, skills, equipment and ideas.
  • Sustaining self-help workers
  • Developing the skills of self-help workers to support the groups they are involved with.
  • Encouraging networking.
  • Encouraging new perspectives.
  • Supporting the evolution of self-help.

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